The Listening Party – Hardcopy Double Disc Album [Explicit] (c) 2017

Brand:© Copyright – Urb Garden Recordings, LLC
Release Date:7/14/2017
Primary Genre(s):R&B/ Soul/ Jazz/ Hip-Hop
Performed by: Joy Dennis

For this new album, Joy boldly explores the fusion of her classic soulful tone with new genres, sounds & rhythms- something of which her current listeners have yet to witness.

“The Listening Party” album is a body of work that continues my musical journey. It’s not just about my life, emotions and experiences but about how I have evolved as an artist. It’s always good to lay a foundation as an artist and stay true to those roots, but I refuse to be stuck in a creative box. So, I decided to explore new ideas, new sounds and new feelings with the help of some fresh and extremely talented additions to my production team. The Listening Party [in my opinion] is the perfect soundtrack, and I think there is something on there for each of my listeners to appreciate.” – Joy Dennis