Finally, a Bessie Smith HBO Movie Biopic! – Watch the Electric Chair Video (Inspired by Bessie Smith) by Joy Dennis #Bessie

About the Electric Chair Video (Inspired by Bessie Smith) Electric Chair was Inspired by Bessie Smith ‘s 1920’s song entitled, “Send me to the ‘Lectric Chair” #Bessie. View this video clip from Joy Dennis’ 2011 interview discussing her inspiration behind the remaking of “Electric Chair”. Electric Chair was Written and performed by Joy Dennis. Directed and shot […]

Broken Compass

Some of the best advice anybody can receive involves diversification. Spreading one’s brand requires a step outside of the comfort zone.

Therein lies the dilemma. Say you have a good voice like Chicago born, Philly-raised and New York-schooled Amatus. The predictable play would be for her to place all of her eggs into the high risk/high reward vocal basket.

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SoulTracks First Listen: HeavyLight Shines On This Gil Scott Heron Remix

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They call themselves the HeavyLight Experience, a group of reasonably well known underground poets, singers, and musicians who are keeping their individual identities on the low on behalf of this collective experience, one intent on expressing the musical legacy of soul. Currently touring a tribute show entitled “The Originals,” highlighting the work of the ascended masters Gil Scott-Heron and Oscar Brown, Jr.

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SoulTracks Lost Gem: Carolyn Crawford will be “Here for You”

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Caroline Crawford’s career started by recording for Motown in the 60’s. Smokey Robinson wrote a minor R&B hit for her with ”My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down),” but after three singles her contract was not renewed. Her next recording project was as part of the group Hodges, James, Smith and Crawford, but after two single releases, she left the group.

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Big K.R.I.T. – “Mt. Olympus”

Big K.R.I.T. returns with the new self-produced single “Mt. Olympus” from his forthcoming Cadillactica LP. The track – a bass heavy treatise with sweeping strings – finds K.R.I.T. stutter stepping his way through a list of sharp criticisms that touch on everything from Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” to swagger jackers and southern MC’s. Sparing no feelings, K.R.I.T. kills the track with considerable aplomb and sets the bar high ahead of his highly-anticipated sophomore LP, which is slated to drop via Def Jam this fall. Check the track below to listen to “Mt. Olympus.” Download the track via SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more from Big K.R.I.T.

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“It Takes Two” performer DJ E-Z Rock dies at 46

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(April 28, 2014) Rodney Bryce, known better to hip-hop fans as DJ E-Z Rock, has died at age 46. The cause of his death is currently unknown. While he released other songs together, it was his collaboration with Rob Base on the Teddy Riley-produced “It Takes Two” that brought the greatest fame, becoming one of the most popular and recognizeable hip-hop songs of all time.

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Listen to The Roots “Tomorrow” feat. Raheem Devaughn [CDQ]

The Roots - "Tomorrow" (feat. Raheem Devaughn)

The Roots are determined to make this final weekend of April a pleasant one with the drop of “Tomorrow,” the second track to be revealed from their upcoming studio album ...and then you shot your cousin. The Roots “Tommorrow” features the DMV’s own Raheem Devaughn. The fellas already gave you a taste of what they had been brewing with the Hot97 debut of “When The People Cheer,” but this here serves as a follow up course, bringing some new flavors to the table to prep ya for the full course (Monday May 19th). “Tomorrow” drops out the low-end all together, letting the hopeful piano-driven ballad bop with faint whispers and Devaughn’s affectionate croon.

Its just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a hefty rollout for the highly anticipated concept album, marking over two decades of road glory and innovation (and now Late Night shenanigans). …&TYSYC will be available everywhere May 19th on Def Jam, but you can pre-order your copy (CD or Vinyl) over at MyPlayDirect today with signed posters and t-shirts, but be sure to keep your eyes out for some of our own bundles in the days to come over at the Okayplayer shop on May 1. If you’re in the tristate area, come rock with The Roots crew as this year’s Roots Picnic, where you’ll find them backing Snoop Dogg for what is sure to be some hazy funk at Festival Pier in Philly on May 31st. Listen to the latest from the boys below and be sure to keep it locked as we’ll have plenty more on …&TYSYC as we creep up to its release.

Previously on OkayplayerTV: “The Questions” with Raheem Devaughn

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Video Premiere: Behind The Scenes With J.Period On The Making Of The Brooklyn Nets’ Theme Song

The Roots Holiday Party shot by Mel D. Cole for

We’ve heard a rumor that hip-hop and basketball pair well together. It’s a good bet that no one knows this better today than Brooklyn’s own prolific DJ J.Period. J has been getting busy for the entire NBA season as the official music curator of the Brooklyn Nets, and now we’ve been treated to some behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the theme song that has kicked off every home game of this season.

The clip from home to hardwood with looks into the Eminem, Biggie, Nate Dogg and Jorge Quintero cuts that Period sampled for the theme. “It’s just really been amazing experience. My two favorite things in the world are music and basketball, so this has been the perfect marriage of those two things,” Period muses at the clips end.

The premiere of tonight’s clip so appropriate given that later tonight KG, Paul Pierce and the rest of the Brooklyn Nets will play their playoff home opener against the Toronto Raptors. Some of the Nets’ success this year has been no doubt been due to the pre-game energy of Period’s track, and we’ve just learned that the game tonight at Barclay’s Center will kick off with a brand new theme song made specifically for the playoffs. We have to imagine that J’s ready to take it above the room to a whole ‘nother level.

Period’s pedigree stretches back to his past work with Q-Tip, John Legend, Nas and a little ol’ band known as The Roots, and his choice selection of music before and during Nets home games has proved over and over that he’s the perfect producer for the job. The man knows how to put in work, and at least musically-speaking the Brooklyn squad is in good hands. But then again, the Raptors have their own hip-hop icon..

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The Boondocks Came Back With Record Ratings…But What Happened To Our Show? [Video + Review]

The Boondocks Came Back With Record Ratings, But What Happened To Our Show?

After what seemed like ages (really only 5 years) The Boondocks made its triumphant return to Adult Swim, putting all manner of fans and stans into a frenzy. Enough of one in fact, to incite a record setting ratings spike, blowing out primetime staples like NBC’s The Voice and even the NBA Playoffs with a whopping 1.4 millions viewers in the 18-34 demographic alone. An impressive return to the spotlight for what was once very much a cult following. But at what cost my dear patrons? Those that tuned in at 10:30pm Sunday saw a show that merely resembled the spectacle Aaron McGruder conceived and brought to the masses. On its face.

Once the first thirty seconds of the fourth and final season’s premiere episode “Pretty Boy Flizzy” ((watch below) played through, it was blatantly apparent that the moment we had all feared was upon us. Namely, that Aaron McGruder’s pen was in fact the blade that cut deepest. The sharp, poignant and (most importantly) relevant cultural commentary that we had come to expect from McGruder’s brainchild had been supplanted by a droll and bland mockery of our tradition’s most cherished voice of dissent. The one guy that was gonna look at the way things were and feed us that bitter pill of truth in a way that we could all swallow. But, shit. I think they even tried to posit a defense of Chris Brown on this thing.

The episode centered itself on the criminal mishaps of one Pretty Boy Flizzy, clearly modeled after the somewhat talented and inexplicably famous platinum blonde we all know as Chris Brown and his own run-ins with the law. We were forced to bear witness to Flizzy’s improprieties as he consistently let down his fans in a series of terribly obvious blunders involving the beating of his girlfriend, the robbing of a convenience store and scuffling in the VIP with another major r&b star. While the show does a decent job of putting the burden of responsibility onto Flizzy’s (Breezy’s) shoulders, they essentially provide him with a cop-out in the end, chalking up all of these very public incidents to his lack of ability to stay relevant.

So if we can extrapolate a life lesson from the story arc of this episode, it’s this: If you’re a public figure in the hip-hop community and you happen to have a rap-sheet as tall as your walk-up, that’s OK…as long as you’re tactical about creating those spectacles as part of some grande marketing ploy. Really, people? Aside from picking literally the smallest speck on the windshield to go after, you choose that as your lead-off? Your Season Premiere and don’t-call-it-a-comeback? Has nothing else happened that strikes you as even marginally more relevant than what Chris Fine Motherfvckin China Brown has failed to accomplish in the past five years? Miley’s take-over? Obama’s reelection? Hell, Fukoshima? Yeah, starting things off with Trayvon probably would have been a bit heavy, but Chris Brown though? Really?

I was someone who truly believed that we should all reserve our judgement on what a show of this nature could be like without it’s archetype. There were indications that MacGruder’s involvement on Season 3 was somewhat hands off, with no dire results. Even post-MacGruder Team Boondocks contains some voices we know and trust (up to and including Okayplayer co-founder Angela Nissell), who has a co-writer credit on this episode). But having tasted the pudding, this viewer is forced to conclude that the early-bird naysayers scored a rare victory on this one. Luckily, we’ve long known that McGruder’s no one-trick nothing, developing his Black Jesus webisode series into a full-length series where he will take to his throne once more as one of hip-hop pop culture’s most pivotal voices. If this premiere is an indication of life after MacGruder on The Boondocks, then it’s a sad, sad loss folks. One that I will long mourn, but with McG putting his wits to work on a project that seems truly worth its weight, there’s still hope for us to see the champion resurrected in a new avatar. So here’s to Black Jesus. R.I.P. Huey, Riley and Grandpa Freeman. You will be sorely missed.

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Schoolboy Q – “Studio” (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Schoolboy Q  - "Studio" (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

Schoolboy Q lets loose some visuals for his latest single “Studio” featuring Chitown crooner BJ The Chicago Kid, off the astral major label debut Oxymoron. The Swiff- D produced bed-rocker gets the perfect compliment from some steamy black & white NSFW eye-candy, providing a needed muse for the visual. We heard the Midwest/all-west collab live for Jimmy Kimmel just a few short weeks ago, but this here is the full treatment, delivered in a cloud of kush. Rock with the latest visuals from Schoolboy Q & Co below and be sure to cop his Oxymoron LP via iTunes to get up on all the fuss.

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Wu-Tang Drama Continues: RZA Responds to Raekwon’s “Strike” On Hot97

Wu-Tang fans have had painstaking few months. With the foremost lyrical figure (Raekwon) and the group’s towering leader (RZA) engaged in some media-based squabbling, its difficult to sustain even the smallest modicum of hope for the group’s future. In a wildly candid interview with Hot97 in a promo run for his upcoming role in Brick Mansions, Bobby Digital broke down things on his end, giving proper lip service to the way media outlets have handled the situation and how he doesn’t see a way for there to be a Wu-Tang without The Chef.

While Rae’s concerns were widely administrative, Bobby Digital begged his brother and all of the affiliates to speak amongst themselves in regards to Wu matters. Though it seems that money math might be what’s really getting in between these, it goes without saying that once the blogosphere catches wind of these things, they’ll become so overly sensationalized that people tend to pick a side without having a clear picture of what is going on at ground-level. So there’s definitely still some murky water between the two Rs of Wu, but all of the attention the Shaolin Kings have garnered as of late in regards to both their upcoming — potentially Chef-less– A Better Tomorrow LP and the several years in the making secret album, there’s still plenty to keep the hopeful going. Here’s to a calm at the end of this typhoon. You can watch RZA comment on all the beef below, but keep your eyes and ears locked for the next chapter in this latest Wu- Tang saga.

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Prince Wastes No Time, Drops “The Breakdown”

Prince Wastes No Time, Drops "The Breakdown"

Prince is leading an expedient charge to repopulate the planet with his ultraviolet funk. Within roughly 12 hours of breaking to the world that he and his former label Warner Brothers were inking a global licensing partnership on Friday, we got “The Breakdown,” a dynamic true-to-form offering from his Purple Majesty. The track commences with a gentle synth progression reminiscent of ”When 2 R In Love”, slipping into a dirty driving ballad, letting loose the powerhouse vocals we’ve come to expect from the bite-sized funkateer. These are four wholly gratifying minutes for the Paisley patron in ya, perfect for the nightcap on your hazy Sunday. It seems we’ll have plenty more from Mr Rogers Nelson soon, so be sure to keep it locked. Listen to “The Breakdown”, a stirring new single from Prince below and cop via iTunes today.

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Okayplayer’s Record Store Day Release Round-Up

OKP's Top Record Store Day Releases

Record Store Day is upon us kind crate diggers. And in celebration of our adored pastime, we’re extending a hefty list of our favorite RSD releases to provide a few points of reference for tomorrow’s vinyl crawl. We’ve got records spanning 50 years of funk; from the organic foundational grooves of The JBs to the electro-acoustic strut of Moses Sumney. Not to mention a few must-cop reissues and even something to read to get you through that hazy Sunday. So peep our map of the illest RSD drops, cause we certainly wouldn’t have a day like this for cassettes. Happy diggin fam.

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Okayplayer’s Complete Guide To Summer Music Festivals 2014

Questlove x D'Angelo Brothers In Arms, in Philadelphia July 3, 2013

Drums, please! Don’t let the occasional light dusting of snow (at least here in NYC) fool you. With the Outkast reunion and other attendant madness that unfolded at Coachella this past week, the summer festival has officially kicked off. And with so many excellent music festivals filling up the calendar we had no choice but to bring you the Okayplayer’s Complete Summer Festival Guide of 2014 extra-early. Nas, ‘Kast and Kanye will be hitting the global circuit hard along with a massive cast of supporting hip-hop, funk, r&b, jazz and electronic acts. But keep a keen eye: our list also includes rare one-off performances from the likes of Prince, Frank Ocean and Madlib, among many others. We’ve got our eyes on everything from the West Coast to the Swiss riviera in what is definitely our most internationable festival rundown yet. Choosing which weekend (or two, or three) to spend your tax return on won’t be easy, but at least now you’ll be well-informed. Click through the list for artist highlights, ticketing information and tips on how to make the most of each event. Your 2014 summer music festival rundown starts now.

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First Listen: Bradd Marquis and Tess Henley don’t want to “Break Up”

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Trenton, New Jersey born and raised singer Bradd Marquis is an artist who does it all: writes, sings and produces his own material. And the church-raised performer has been raising expectations for the past few years from fans who’ve had the pleasure of hearing him perform.

Love Will Find a Way

Click on CD cover to order Thank You at

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DJ Prince “Just A Lil Bit” [Official Video]

DJ Prince

The homie DJ Prince starts your monday off right with something light. The NY emcee/producer drops his third video off of his Large Up approved mixtape, Test My Sound. Listen to Prince drop some bars on his self-produced track, “Just A Lil Bit.” Says Prince of the his sound: “I’m doing it ‘for the youth dem,’ I’m all about the kids and proper teachings to who’s to come after us. emphasizing originality, constantly creating, and putting their energy in the universe.” Video directed by Hoes To Hollywood. Look for Test My Sound the album to drop next month (the shit is crazy).

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Watch Outkast Reunite At Coachella With Future & Janelle Monáe

outkast coachella photo Justin Jay

photo courtesy of Justin Jay

Last night Outkast kicked off their 40+ festival run reunion at Coachella with a 90 minute performance spanning 27 songs and guest appearances from fellow ATLiens Janelle Monáe, Future, Sleepy Brown, and if not for Coachella curfew, Killer Mike too. But fear not if you missed out on the official start of ‘Kast’s second coming. ?uestlove provided the play by play of the live stream (which you can watch in full below).

mad as hell. friggin Coachella knows better than to let the most anticipated act go on the 1st night. wtf,i work on fridays! #Outkast20

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

mofos doin VIBRATE. my dumb arse got a headache eatin turkey hot dogs half bingin season 3 of Downton Abbey cause i watched everything else — Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

Pitchy. — Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

since they deep cuttin, i need “Life In The Day….”, “Toilet Tisha” “Reset” & “Mainstream” too #Outkast20

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

crassssh craaaaashsssss

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

last half of Roses is what my dad thinks rappidy rap rap rap is. : (

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

based on that verse….has 3stacks not eaten in 11 years then? #NeckAndNeck

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

lol at that whatever countoff. come on man SELL THAT ISH!

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

dude i laughed so hard i think i number 2oo’d RT: @SpecBoogie ni**a Dre doing Hey Ya like his moms told him to pick a switch

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

the man do NOT play with overage$. at TALL. this is why i am THE most meticulous every second accounted for bandleader. #UnionShows

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

lessons to be learned tonight (all said in love/constructive advice) 1. give each song a 5 min slot, i.e. if 90 mins? plan 18 songs

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

more lessons 2. plan show BACKWARDS—to avoid cutoff debacles plan what ABSOLUTE last song must be, work way to the top.

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

and more 3.plan a 4 suite attack system: a) opening grab you by neck 4 b) your old school nostalgia 4 c) deep cut/artistic portion 4 (cont)

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

—look. i already taught class today & unsolicited info is (blah) personally i enjoyed ish (i dozed off before the last point lol)

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

oh last point!—last 4 joints= breathless race to finish (extra 2 for encore)–keep in mind its been 10 yrs for Kast and this is show 1

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

lot of mixed feelings about the show. its gonna take time for chemistry and rhythm and tech issues to gel. best part of the night tho?

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

best part? is Outkast has us up and 4:40 in the morning discussing hip hop. which is incredible. can’t wait til show hits east coast.

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

#MoreUnsolicitedisms people on my timeline, problem is never a demographic that doesn’t know material. Problem starts if we don’t TEACH them

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

For all that were chagrined that the coachella crowd seemed non responsive (or tired at midnight?) Start schooling your timeline on dope ish

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

I too used to “smh” at people like “how do you not know ‘Off The Wall’ or PE or Floyd?–now I ask “who here doesn’t know (artist)?” #Teach

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

Ok I promise no more sermons. Its just when I see reckless tawk in my timeline I gotta say somethin!

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

Do me a favor. Check the ATLiens tracklisting. Matter of fact ANYone tell me cut 10 please? RT @peachesthequeen: WHATEVER WRONG IS WRONG!

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) April 12, 2014

Gasoline Dreams
Skew It on the Bar-B
Rosa Parks
Da Art of Storytellin’, Part 1
SpottieOttieDopaliscious (with Sleepy Brown)
Bowtie (with Sleepy Brown)
Ghetto Musick
Tightrope (with Janelle Monáe)
Kryptonite (I’m on It)
She Lives in My Lap
Behold a Lady
Same Damn Time (with Future)
Ain’t No Way Around It (with Future)
Benz Friends (Whatchutola) (with Future)
Hootie Hoo
Elevators (Me & You)
Ms. Jackson
So Fresh, So Clean (with Sleepy Brown)
The Way You Move (with Sleepy Brown)
Hey Ya!

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Common & Kanye West Announce AAHH Music + Jobs Youth Festival In Chicago

Common+Kanye Announce AAHH! Fest

Today, the Common Ground FoundationCommon‘s education non-profit—and Donda’s House IncKanye West‘s youth and art non-profit— met with the Chicago Urban League to discuss both a promising new youth jobs initiative and an exciting new summer fest—AAHH! Fest 2014. The Common Ground Foundation and Donda’s House detailed from their Museum of Contemporary Arts press conference that they will be working toward commitments from “government, nonprofit and for-profit stakeholders to push for more funding and resources to create youth employment opportunities.”

The two artists are taking the initiative and announced the beginnings of AAHH! Fest which will notably feature a job-shadowing for community youths over the course of the two day festival. The job-shadowing program “allows youth to learn operations connected to producing a high-level outdoor special event.”

The festival’s day one will feature “a diverse, all-star line-up of talent from across the country and Chicago” while day two, curated by Kanye’s Donda House, will show off Chicago’s newest talents. Hosted at 6300 S. Hayed Drive from September 20-21, AAHH! Fest– a festival that targets the city’s young unemployed and is positioned towards the tail-end of festival season– is poised to hit all the right notes.

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Madlib Makes A Beat From Scratch Live

Madlib Makes A Beat From Scratch Live

Madlib shows us exactly how he championed his title as The Beat Konducta as he builds a beat from scratch live. The man whose prolific output has dawned classic collaborations with J Dilla (Jaylib,) MF DOOM (Madvillainy) and more recently Freddie Gibbs gives us a keen window into the breadth of his musicianship and chop styles as he quickly organizes a live drum take, a programmed drum track and an old-soul cut into one gleaming specimen of a production. Get wise and maybe pick up a pointer or two from the Beat Konducta as he chops live below and be sure to cop his gangstariffic collab with Freddie Gibbs Piñata via iTunes today.

spotted at MissInfo

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Janelle Monáe Performs “What Is Love” On The Today Show

Janelle Monáe Brings The Funk, Performs "What Is Love" On The Today Show

Janelle Monáe got on the good foot as she two-stepped and mashed potatoed all across the stage yesterday morning, performing “What Is Love” off Rio 2 OST. Her “Funky Nassau” recalling groove made even the most hazy eyed fandroid get to it, as the electric Miss Monáe put on a show for the ages at Rock Center. You can peep her performing her contribution to the animated feature’s soundtrack, but stay tuned for more from the Funky Android and be sure to brace your self, as the Roots Picnic is but a few short weeks away at this point. And as you can see, Miss Monae don’t mess around. Cop tickets to the funkiest show this side of the Mason-Dixon via today.

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Pharoahe Monch x Black Thought – “Rapid Eye Movement”

Pharoahe Monch live on stage

Pharoahe Monch‘s collabo with Black Thought of The Roots –”Rapid Eye Movement”–has leaked online in advance of Monch’s much-anticipated album PTSD. Not gonna waste too much digital ink on this one cause the title kinda says it all. And by ‘it all’ I mean that it says: hide your kiiiiiiids…! Listen to the Marco Polo-produced banger below and read our exclusive Okayplayer Interview with Pharoahe Monch here, covering the state of hip-hop and the state of his own mental health (true story) from a gun’s-eye point of view.

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Pharoahe Monch Talks ‘PTSD’ At ‘NY LOVES DILLA’ On ThisIs50

Pharoahe Monch Talks 'PTSD' & Hip-Hop Culture On ThisIs50

Pharoahe Monch took the time to rap a bit with ThisIs50 at a surprise appearance at the inaugural NY LOVES DILLA event last month. Its a loose one for Pharoahe, as it seems he’s shook off any semblance of the depression his upcoming album PTSD is based on. Drink in hand, Monch shouts out Dilla (duh) as well as all of the guest features slated for the album, which drops a week from today. So don’t sleep on the PTSD project and check in with your boy Monch as he kicks it behind the scenes at the very first NY LOVES DILLA show. Pre-order for PTSD is available via iTunes.

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Pharrell’s SNL Sketch and “Happy” & “Marilyn Monroe” Performance

Pharrell Marilyn Monroe on SNL

On the night of his 41st birthday and one month removed from dropping his G I R L LP, Pharrell can now cross SNL music guest off his bucket (hat) list. Watch the videos below of Pharrell performing “Happy” backed by a young dance troupe before taking the stage once more for a special rendition of “Marilyn Monroe” with help from Hans Zimmer and an all female string section. Pharrell’s SNL appearance also managed to utilize his acting chops later in the episode alongside Buffalo Girls high hat-donning Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam and a Rent-singing Anna Kendrick.

Pharrell on SNL

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James Fauntleroy Drops 2 New Songs: “Peace” + “Year Round”

James Fauntleroy Keeps The Heat Coming With "Floating Away" feat. India Shawn

James Fauntleroy has been releasing a bunch of freebies on the net — previously he hit us with the song “A Beautiful Mind” and now he’s dropped two new tracks “Peace” and “Year Round.” You may remember his voice from Drake’s track “Girls Love Beyoncé” but Fauntleroy flaunts a stacked resume – he’s a former member of production team The Underdogs and a current member of No I.D.‘s hop-hop collective Cocaine ’80s (other members include Jhene Aiko and Common). As a songwriter he’s penned Jordin Sparks‘ “No Air”, Chris Brown’s “Take You Down” and “Superhuman,” Ciara’s “Love, Sex, Magic” — along with co-writing 6 tracks on Rihanna’s LP Rated R and every song on Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. He’s also given his voice to some of hip-hops biggest records (Kanye West + GOOD Music‘s Cruel Summer, J-Cole‘s Born Sinner, and Jay-Z‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail, to name a few). If that were not enough to put this man on the map — He won a Grammy award for best the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song for co-writing “Pusher Love Girl” with JT.

The tracks Fauntleroy has been spoiling us with are refreshing. Without electric elements, Fauntleroy keeps us engaged with blues-infused pop acoustics. “Peace” is a raw lullaby that softly wraps us in acoustic energy. The words of the song remind us of Fauntleroy’s pop sensibilities and seeing as he’s written for Frank Ocean, it’s not strange that the melodies speak to qualities we’d hear in one of his compositions. “Year Round,” another sweet acoustic love song, takes us through the seasons of prospect. With “Year” Round” being the fifth installment of Fauntleroy’s acoustic teases, the only question we can ask, is whether Fauntleroy’s solo album String Theory (set for release this year) will bring us the beautiful ballads he’s presented thus far. Check out Fauntleroy’s previous releases + Stream “Peace” and “Year Round” below.

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Chuck Inglish x Action Bronson – “Gametime”

Chuck Inglish x Action Bronson - "Gametime"

Action Bronson is the latest showstopper to team up with MC/producer Chuck Inglish on this ill boom-bap workout “Gametime” off Chuck’s upcoming collab-heavy Convertibles LP. Bronsolinio and Inglish trade off flame over a vibraphone loop and big drums and claps, leaving ashes on this short head-knocker. Chuck’s Convertibles is due out April 8th with a star-studded roster of funkateers lending their hands to the project, including the aforementioned Queens bomber, Chromeo, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Chance The Rapper and so many more. Listen to the latest from Chuck Inglish and Action Bronson below and be sure to keep it locked to the realm for more from the young gun.

spotted at HHNM

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Okayafrica Video: Young Fathers Chop It Up With Okayafrica TV At SXSW

Okayafrica Video: Young Fathers Chop It Up With Okayafrica TV At SXSW

Young Fathers has come along way since we first featured them all those weeks ago. Recently they took the time to rap with the homies Okayafrica while they were in Austin for one of our ruckus SXSW showcases, delving into some origin stories amongst a slew of other tidbits we’ve been wracking our brains over since their The Scottish/Liberian/Nigerian trio have taken their alt-hop madness across the great big pond to show the states their collective is one of fortitude and dynamic influence, stirring the pot to a perfect simmer of calamitous hooks over dirty left-field funk. Watch the Edinburgh Young Fathers mix it up with the sister site below and be sure to cop that new record DEAD via iTunes.

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Hannibal Buress Talks Stand-Up, Fame & Ballet With The Champs

The Champs Podcast Featuring The Comedic Stylings Of Neal Brennan & Moshe Kasher

Hannibal Buress sits in on the latest edition of The Champs podcast with to talk stand-up comedy, fame & more with hosts Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher. Buress talks about Live From Chicago – his upcoming Comedy Central special, which airs on March 29th. The guys also discuss bromances, buying homes, supplemental businesses. They also talk the certain freedoms and other interesting things that fame usually affords you. Check the track below to listen to Hannibal Buress’ chat with Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher. Stay tuned for more from The Champs.

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Hezekiah x Range Da Messenga – “Hologram Dreams” [Official Video]

Hezekiah Drops The Official Video For "Hologram Dreams" Featuring Range Da Messenga, Directed By King Red Rose

Hezekiah preps fans for his forthcoming project entitled Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves with the official video for “Hologram Dreams” featuring Range Da Messenga. The video produced by Hez and co-director King Red Rose is a black and white clip that chronicles the cold reality of life’s peaks and valleys. The track about redemption anchors the emotionally dense, action-packed footage. Range Da Messenga punctuates the soulful production, following Hez’s lead with a strong vocal performance. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Hologram Dreams” from Hezekiah. Purchase the track via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more.

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Win Tickets To See Okayafrica Presents: Chop And Quench “The Fela! Band” At The Apollo

Win Free Tickets To See Chop And Quench "The Fela! Band"

Our fam over at Okayafrica are granting you the opportunity to win free tickets to experience the electric Chop And Quench aka “The Fela! Band” lead by TONY Award nominee Sahr Ngaujah at The Apollo Theatre on April 4th. The evening will be opened by a set from Canada by Ghana crooner/songwriter and OKA superlative winner Kae Sun, starting the night off with his roots-infused brand of funk. The night is presented by Okayfrica and The Apollo, adding to the Harlem landmarks’s already stellar four day series Africa Now!, which is present in partnership with World Music Institute. For more information head over to the sister site to enter for your chance to win free tickets to one of NYC’s most seasoned collectives of Afrobeat musicians and a young gun tearing it down at the Apollo next Friday.

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Talib Kweli & Ma Dukes Discuss J Dilla’s Legacy On The Combat Jack Show

Talib Kweli & Ma Dukes Take To Combat Jack To Discuss J Dilla's Legacy

Talib Kweli and J Dilla‘s mother Ma Dukes took to the internets to discuss the legacy of their friend and son, speaking to the immense contribution made by Detroit’s supreme purveyor of the dirty drum swing. They rapped a bit on Jay Dee’s public persona (which was tremendously shy), the household and family that shaped his keen musical mind, the early records that turned him out–even in the crib– and then ultimately, how Dilla’s estate is being posthumously handled. Kweli spits his own stories from being on the outer circle of Dilla’s cronies, really cementing the humility and poise of the GOAT. Its Dilla tale after Dilla tale on this edition of The Combat Jack Show, perfect for any hip-hop historian or a mere Dilla enthusiast. Listen to Ma Dukes and Talib Kweli speak to the immeasurable influence of the late J Dilla below.

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Experience One Spark

  Creativity and entrepreneurship take center stage at One Spark 2014. Experience the latest in art, innovation, music, science and technology as One Spark takes over downtown Jacksonville to bring crowdfunding live and in person. Meet Creators and learn about their passions while enjoying great food, entertainment and experiencing the best of what downtown Jacksonville […]

That Time Hannibal Buress Pretended To Be Childish Gambino’s Agent

That Time Hannibal Buress Pretended To Be Childish Gambino's Agent

If you were an burgeoning mainstay musician or comedian and wanted to see someone live, what kind of shenanigans would you pull to make it happen? Well, Hannibal Buress seems to have made off with a quick one. When enticed by the notion of seeing Eddie Griffin live, instead of buying a ticket like every other other individual that wanted to bask in the comedic glory of a stand-up great, Hannibal chose a different route. He opted to impersonate the agent of the first celebrity that came to mind -in this case, none other than Childish Gambino– and put on a bit of show for the hospitality coordinator. Until of course he gets figured out. Bear witness to the unbridled audacity of one Hannibal Buress in a hilarious excerpt from his upcoming hour-long Comedy Central special below. Then peep Gambino’s verification of the ordeal after the jump.

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OkayPrayer: The Spirit Speaks Through The Jones Family Singers [Album Premiere + Interview]

The Jones Family Singers - The Spirit Speaks (Okayplayer Premiere)

“The roots of the “Hard Gospel” style of the Jones Family can be traced to the beginning of the 20th century, when slave songs became “shout songs.” After the Pentecostal movement of Holy Ghost soul possession was born on Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906, churchgoers spoke in tongues, rolled in the aisles and clapped their hands in sanctified percussion. Musical instruments, once considered the tools of the devil, were used to punctuate the testimony and wild, foot-stomping dances broke out at will. This was the roots of rock “n’ roll.”

– Michael Corcoran, from the liner notes to The Spirit Speaks.

One hundred and eight years later, we are still figuring out what happened in that little church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. Many argue, as Michael Corcoran does, that along with Pentecostalism, rock n’ roll was born in that storefront church. Call it the Holy Spirit, call it energy, call it a good time. We can argue about what to call it, but we all recognize when it comes. As anyone with eyes to see can plainly witness, the Jones Family Singers got it. And we are lucky they share it outside of the walls of the church that claim them as their own. Their new record, The Spirit Speaks finds them branching out from the footstomping Pentecostal two-beat and into funk and soul. Like many gospel groups, this exploration comes with a mixture of trepidation and confidence. The combination creates a kind of joy that is hard to find in contemporary music. Okayplayer is proud to host the online debut of the new album with this full audio stream of The Spirit Speaks, due out April 1st, 2014 via Arts+Labor. Rev. Vince Anderson, musician, pastor and author of our semi-regular dirty gospel column, OkayPrayer, spoke with Bishop Fred Jones, and Fred Jones Jr. of the Jones Family Singers to introduce us to the singers behind the audible spirit. Stream the album below and scroll down to read their conversation.

Okayplayer: Is it springtime in Texas?

Bishop Fred Jones: For the most part. The weather changes day after day. In fact, not the next day, but the same day.

OKP: I really enjoyed the record. I hear a lot contemporary gospel influences, like Tye Tribbett or Deitrick Haddon, but with a more traditional sound and production. Where do you find yourself drawing from? What are your musical and production inspirations?

Fred Jones, Jr.: I listen to Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin but I also listen to a lot of old school quartets like the Mighty Clouds of Joy. What I try to do is fuse the two, try to get the best of both worlds and then bring my own style to it as well. The way I look at it, there is a variety of different people out there, and I’d like our music to reach all of them.

OKP: Can you tell us what Sunday mornings at Mount Zion Church of God In Christ in Markham, TX look like?

BFJ: Sunday Mornings at Mt. Zion Church are lively. A wild fire. An untamed fire. A spontaneous coming together. Everybody pitching in, feeling the spirit and happy to be in the mix. That all fuses together and makes for a live Pentecostal experience.

OKP: Beautiful. How long have you been there?

BFJ: I’ve been in that particular church for a little over 30 years.

OKP: Because of the family nature of your group, and the soul or r&b take on gospel, it’s hard to avoid the Staple Singers comparison. Like the Staple Singers, the Jones Family Singers perform in both clubs and churches. The Staple Singers received criticism for that. Have you encountered anything similar?

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Angel Haze Blasts Virgin Airlines for Discrimination | SPIN | Music News

Angel Haze did not have a good flight this morning. As Buzzfeed points out, the outspoken rapper live-tweeted onboard a Virgin Atlantic flight, where she witnessed alleged discrimination by the staff toward a fellow passenger. Here’s how it went down: Click the Link to read full article: Angel Haze Blasts Virgin Airlines for Discrimination | SPIN | […]

The Boondocks’ Aaron McGruder Has No Hand In The Show’s 4th Season

Aaron McGruder Confirms Lack Of Involvement In Long-Awaited Fourth Season Of 'The Boondocks'

The Boondocks‘ long-awaited 4th season may leave some fans feeling conflicted ahead of its impending debut with the news that creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder had no involvement in the production. Adult Swim reportedly confirmed McGruder’s absence from the upcoming season in a recent press release, which stated:

“this season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​”

The news confirms the fears of some fans, who suspected that McGruder might not have been involved after he announced on Facebook via the Black Jesus page that The Boondocks‘ account had been hijacked:

“Just found out someone has hijacked THE BOONDOCKS Facebook page. This was done without my permission and I have absolutely no control over the content being posted as of Friday, March 14.”

Though McGruder has issued no official statement on the matter, he has reportedly confirmed that he has not had any involvement in the upcoming season. There has been no word from Adult Swim or Aaron McGruder regarding what prompted his lack of involvement. The Boondocks is set to begin airing all new episodes on April 21st. The new season follows a four-year hiatus that had many fans fretting over whether the show would actually return. Now that the show is set to air without its fearless leader at helm, it will be interesting to see what fans think.

Spotted at TR.

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Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band’s “Mad Lifeline” + “WPIC” Get Touched Up By 3D of Massive Attack

TV On The Radio‘s leading man Tunde Adebimpe isn’t the type to be strapped down to a particular sound for too long. Tunde’s side-project with motley crew Ryan Sawyer, Josh Werner and Alex Holden aka Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band does not stray away from that mindset. Today we bring you not on, but two 3D (of Massive Attack) flipped rockers with “Mad Lifeline” and “WPIC.” ”Lifeline” went from the cutting room floor to the jungle floor, with 3D breathing the funk into what was originally 8 minutes of experimental dissonance. “WPIC” gets hit with more electric house meets organic rock flavors with reverb-laden vocals and some ill drum programming. Both tracks will be released on limited edition vinyls through the Battle Box imprint. You can peep both of the 3D remixed offerings below, but don’t sleep on that 12-inch. We’ll have more from wordily named Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band (and Tunde of course) soon, so keep it locked to the realm.

spotted at CoS

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UN Foundation Teams w/ Pharrell To Declare March 20th The “International Day Of Happiness”

UN Foundation Teams w/ Pharrell To Declare March 20th The "International Day Of Happiness"

The UN Foundation is teaming up with Pharrell to declare today March 20th the very first–of what we hope are countless more– International Day Of Happiness; an effort to raise money for the CERF, which is a humanitarian fund established to provide timely emergency services for those effected by natural disasters and armed conflicts. The campaign will launch at 12pm today, engaging the masses in an enormous social media campaign that asks supporters to celebrate the inaugural year of the holiday by participation in “24 hours of happiness.”

The campaign garners attention for the fund and the day by using the #HAPPYDAY hashtag on video of themselves, friends or coworkers recreating the video for P’s Grammy nominated smash “Happy” in their homes, offices or elsewhere. Keep the love spinning and upload your own take on the “Happy” visual to Youtube to vocalize your support for the very first “Day Of Happiness.” You can make donations to the CERF here, but make sure to join Pharrell in celebrating and head over to to see some of the best submissions of the day.

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Inspirational Women | Lauryn Hill

lauryn hill

Genius songwriter, rapper, producer and performer, Lauryn Hill is anything but miseducated. She is instinctively challenging, unafraid to speak words that make others uncomfortable, willing to engage in unpopular dialogue even where her own growth is required. Watching the intro video on Ms. Lauryn Hill’s website – a recent recording of her performance of the classic Final Hour fashionably dressed in classic vintage attire, you can feel her warmth, engaging her adoring audience with a solid and graceful flow.

‘I have known since [I was] very young to look for the purpose and lesson in everything, including the trials,’ Hill wrote.’ – Lauryn Hill, speaking about her time in jail for Daily Mail interview, July 2013

Born May 26, 1975 in East Orange, New Jersey, the youngest of two children in a middle class Baptist family, today Hill is a powerful feminist voice of the hip hop generation. A child prodigy who worked hard at whatever drew her interest, her musical roots began at home surrounded by the influence of creative parents, teacher Valerie Hill who played piano and computer expert Mal Hill who sang in clubs and at weddings.

Hill loved learning, and by high school she was seen as a brilliant academic. But she also evolved into a critically acclaimed actress, musician, and singer. It was in high school that she met the duo – Pras Michel and Wyclef Jean – with whom she would form the Fugees, and expanded her skills to become one of hip hop’s most notable emcees. Her signature rap and singing styles envelope the listener in a warm direct vocal embrace – contradictions and all.

Whether as a member of The Fugees from 1994 onwards or with the release of celebrated self-produced 1997 album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, her lyrics and her personal beliefs provokes the listener to reflect on their role in the world. The same year, she launched The Refugee Project, a non-profit organisation to benefit youth. In an industry where artists, in particular women artists, are usually relegated to the simple role of entertaining the masses, Hill remains committed to educating through her lyrics and her actions.

Living in the public eye for the past 20 years, first as a member of iconic hip hop group The Fugees and then as a Grammy award winning solo artist, the outspoken Hill is no stranger to controversy. Although admired for her women empowering lyrics, she’s been publicly shamed for tax evasion, which is linked to her anti-establishment history. More recently Hill landed in political hot water for homophobic imagery when her 2013 release ‘Neurotic Society’ resulted in many who loved her music accusing her of being anti-gay.

A review of the history of powerful women artists like Lauryn Hill, a dedicated mother of six, often highlights such artists’ careers defined by a tragic love life or overshadowed by romantic relationships. Not so with Hill, despite her relationships with Wyclef Jean and Rohan Marley. Hill’s talent and ability to thrive even in the most demanding situations speaks volumes about her creative vision and her humanity.

Nitty Scott, MC x Ab-Soul- “Apex” (prod. by Yuri Beats)

Nitty Scott, MC x Ab-Soul- "Apex" (prod. by Yuri Beats)

East meets West as NYC’s lyrical bombshell Nitty Scott, MC and Cali’s longterm mentalist Ab-Soul rock together on “Apex” from Nitty’s upcoming mixtape The Art Of Chill, with some ill productions styles from Yuri Beats. The track commences as Nitty delivers her patented staccato wordplay over the tail-end of a bebop sample. That opens up into a declarative hook over a more rousing synth set and swooping strings that sound like they were cut straight out of BB King‘s “Thrill Is Gone.” Ab-Soul brings us back to the minimal rocker with his machine-gun patter, spitting a few bars of flame before Nitty takes us out. The two mic champions will appear on Nitty’s forthcoming Art Of Chill mixtape, which drops May 23rd. You can peep Nitty Scott and Ab-Soul’s “Apex” below, but keep your ears to the ground for more from Nitty & Co.

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Breaking The Silence

Violence against women is not just a women's issue. Image courtesy of The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Violence against women is not just a women’s issue. Image courtesy of The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Trigger warning: Descriptions of domestic violence.

Last Sunday was father’s day. Being a self-confessed daddy’s girl, I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the commercial day set apart for dads. Now despite having an excellent relationship with my own father, eight years ago I developed mixed feelings towards father’s day. This is because I had become a mother the month before, and my daughter’s father was not only notably absent, he had also been instrumental in much trauma I had experienced. Since that time I have had a love/hate relationship with father’s day. This year it was very different. Back in April I had a powerful experience which enabled me to finally release the pain I had been carrying due to unprocessed trauma.

I had left a damaging relationship after being hospitalised at five months gestation by the father of my then unborn child. That was not the first time I had been hospitalised in that situation, but I am grateful that it was the last. Lying in bed, bruised, battered and bleeding was the wake-up call that I desperately needed. I realised at that point, that if I was not strong enough to leave that situation for myself, I owed it to my daughter to raise her in an environment where she was not subject to witnessing the daily abuse of her mother. I was living in London at the time, but most of my family were based in Manchester and I knew I had to go somewhere I felt safe. The police were involved but I never pressed charges. I never pressed charges because I was paralysed by fear, I was also aware on a subconscious level of the culture of victim blaming that exists in society. So I put up and shut up. I left London two months later. I was numb for a very long time. I couldn’t speak about what had occurred, as I had barely processed it.

On Sunday, I did something I’ve never done. I prayed for my daughter’s dad on father’s day. I blessed him and sent him love. I never spoke to him. I can still barely speak to him. I’ve tried, but I still find him highly objectionable, and I’ve also grown tired of him trying to manipulate the situation to suit his ego. So I acknowledged him internally, I also acknowledged him on twitter. I’m no longer consumed by ill will towards him, and I felt it an important step in fully making peace with the situation.

Minutes after having done so, I clicked a link posted by a friend and was horrified by what I saw. For a moment I was completely overwhelmed by feelings of intense dread and paralysis. I was unable to move. In that moment I was transported to another lifetime, another place. A frightening place.

In the images depicting Nigella Lawson’s violent assault by husband Charles Saatchi, I was confronted with my 21 year old reflection. The first time my former partner physically assaulted me, his first act was to strangle me until I couldn’t breathe. He attacked me in front of my older sister and his then 11 year old son.

In those shocking images I saw myself. I saw my fear. I saw my humiliation. My fear was palpable. Horror and nausea gripped me, and felt as if I were being mocked for my newly posted tweets. After a moment of being frozen which felt as though it lasted for an eternity, I closed the page. I then responded to my friend on twitter before calling my best friend. I’m not sure what we said, or of what I did when I ended the call. I recall feeling dazed, as though I was in the twilight zone. I know I shed tears. I do recall putting on some music to calm my nerves.

I did go on to have a beautiful afternoon and evening with my father, daughter and youngest brother. Somehow I managed to block out those horrific images for the rest of the day. It was the next evening, after having read a few callously worded pieces, and a pitiful excuse of an explanation from Charles Saatchi, that I was suffused by all-encompassing fury. I read so many things on Monday afternoon and evening that shook me to my core. The language used in some of the pieces written was insensitive and ignorant at best, downright offensive at worst. I found the lack of compassion from writers to be astounding. I found the silence from the men on my social networks to be damning.

It got me wondering why men are conspicuously absent in the dialogue surrounding domestic violence. Gender based violence is presented as an issue affecting women, even though most perpetrators of reported incidents are men. There is something intrinsically wrong with this picture. We live in a society where women are viewed as the chattel of fathers, husbands and sons. Women still earn on average 20% less than men in many sectors for doing exactly the same job as male counterparts. This makes no sense to me, particularly as a single parent bearing the sole financial responsibility for the upkeep of my child. Ideally, my former partner should be contributing to his daughter, but attempting to get any contribution from him over the last seven years has proved to be something akin to a stubborn tooth extraction. Painful and unyielding.

We live in a society that teaches girls that anything negative that happens to them at the hands of men is their fault. I’ve been on the receiving end of victim blaming – particularly from women – for that horrific situation that I found myself in. What the majority of people do not understand – what I did not understand at the time – is that Domestic Violence is psychological in nature. Acts of physical and sexual violence within an intimate spousal/partner setting are mere end products. They are the symptoms, not the cause. The cause must always be psychological. By the time physical or sexual violence has occurred within an intimate partner setting, the victim has already been brainwashed.

Many women are living in damaging situations, and do not know that they are being abused, simply because their partner is yet to lay a finger on them. Psychological abuse is incredibly subtle. So much so that it can take years before you realise what is happening. Silence is the breeding ground in which abuse thrives. I kept silent for many reasons. The biggest factor in my silence, after fear of physical reprisals, was fear of being blamed by others for my ex-partner’s actions. Which is precisely what happened when the truth of the situation began to emerge.

The only way to buck this worrying trend is to initiate discourse with survivors, with agencies designed to assist women, with abusers, and with men in positions of authority that can hold male abusers to account.

Domestic Violence is not a ‘Women’s Issue.’ It is a sickness, a disease of our society that affects us all, a disease that hampers our ability to evolve as a species.

It should be treated as such. Intimate partner violence has damaging short and long term health risks for both victims and their families. A point that is often overlooked. Domestic Violence is expensive to the tax payer. It is too costly to continue to ignore. It removes highly capable women from the workforce and the total cost to services in the UK spirals into billions. The economic implications are rarely highlighted. Experience has taught me that the public responds better to issues when the media stresses the impact on personal finances. Maybe we’d be more inclined to actively change the situation if the economic implications were frequently addressed. As always – money talks.

I was 19 when I began dating my abuser. He was 30. In many ways I was very typical of your average domestic violence survivor, because of my age. Compassion and empathy for those who find themselves in such situations is needed. We cannot continue to blame victims, while excusing and enabling the behaviour of violent men.

The perpetrator needs assistance, as much as the victim, otherwise we are left with abusive men assimilated into society, waiting to repeat the pattern with an unsuspecting woman. My abuser had physically abused women before he abused me. Something I was not aware of when I became involved with him. However, his family and friends were well aware, but I received no warning. The people surrounding him enabled his atrocious behaviour.

When will we learn? An abuser is someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s father, someone’s cousin, someone’s friend. This means that there are multiple opportunities for intervention before a situation becomes volatile. In turning a blind eye to such behaviours, we enable violence and are therefore culpable. Like it or not we are our brother’s keepers.

To women in similar situations, you are not alone. One in three women will experience some form of domestic violence during their lifetime. It is a tough pill to swallow. If you had told me a couple of years before that I would shortly become embroiled in a domestic violence situation, I would have laughed in your face.

If you are experiencing intimate partner violence, what is happening is not your fault, even though your partner may be actively convincing you otherwise. Talking breaks the silence which is the breeding ground for abuse. Owning what has happened to you moves you from a position of pain to power. Abusers share one common trait. They are cowardly. Cowardly people cannot bear to be exposed. Talk to organisations like Women’s Aid. I was not aware of their existence at the time but they are fantastic in providing advice and support for victims.

It is my hope that Nigella Lawson’s situation becomes a catalyst for implementing lasting change, and transcends being yet another excuse for victim blaming. It is time to break our silence and buck this ugly trend once and for all.

Out Of The Blue: Jay Electronica Drops “Better In Tune w/ The Infinite f/ LaTonya Givens”

Out Of The Blue: Jay Electronica Drops "Better In Tune w/ The Infinite"

In what seems to be an act of genuine goodwill, Jay Electronica has graced us with “Better In Tune w/ The Infinite” featuring LaTonya Givens. The potential one -off orchestrally centered track that commences with a drop via The Professor’s speech from The Wizard Of Oz laid over some harrowing piano licks and gentle string arrangements. In comes Jay’s thoughtful swoon just before the impressive Miss Givens caps off this dreamy soundscape with a layered church vocal that is simply supreme. Released in a fit of gratitude–see below– for his experience at this year’s SXSW, the track is a welcome drop to a starved fan based that has been chomping at the bit since the Notorious B.I.G homage cut from a few days back. You can read the twitter exchange that spawned the the free drop below as well as the song itself.

Jay Elect has been spotted around Austin TX during this year’s SXSW. First at the Watch The Throne show for Samsung. The following day at The Fader Fort after which Jay came through and showed love by staying the duration at our Okayfuture showcase where this photo of him, Just Blaze, and Dan The Automator was taken at the end of the night. All three of those guys were later spotted at the Illmore mansion. Director Jason Goldwatch instagrammed this great photo of Jay E and Nas backstage at the Mass Appeal showcase a few hours ago. We understand Act II has been been done so be sure to keep it locked for more on the ever-ellusive ghost wunderkind.

jay electronica twitter

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Profile | bell hooks

bell hooks

Here at Black Feminists HQ we love bell hooks, so much that we featured her on our Inspirational Women list last year. For you this International Women’s month we’ve republished a profile on bell hooks originally featured in Toronto’s NOW magazine in 1990.

In preparation for her talk in Toronto, bell hooks referenced the experience of Gloria Watkins, her younger self. Watkins grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Steeped in the tradition of the Southern black church, she began writing at age 12.

“A lot of my impetus came from seeing black women in active roles in the black church. I was particularly involved as a speaker and reader in the church, reading the scriptures for service, and I think that was important in creating in me the skill to talk in front of audiences. I began a lot of critical thinking in the church.”

Strong woman

Watkins, who changed her name to bell hooks, after her great-grandmother on her mother’s side (“a strong woman who spoke her mind”), is today one of North America’s foremost critical thinkers and lecturers, with a regular column called Sisters of the Yam in Zeta Magazine, an alternative US journal on politics and the arts, and three books published in Canada by Between the Lines.

Having taken the long route through several universities in a white-dominant society to achieve her goal to be a professor of African-American studies, bell hooks teaches at Oberlin College [at the time of the original writing of this article] and these days keeps a hectic schedule, writing, teaching, and travelling the US and Canada talking about her latest book.

Notorious in literary circles for her dedication to making intellectual discourse more accessible – for example, she refuses to use footnotes because she feels they’re off putting to many of her readers – hooks is passionate about the need for developing critical consciousness within the black community through the application of feminist theory for both men and women.

One of hooks’ interests is the ability of any person – regardless of socio-economic status – to take control of their destiny.
“I’m most obsessed with how and what are the ways that we can help one another understand our own agency, irrespective of degrees of exploitation and oppression. We maintain some sense of agency in the process of self-recovery,” says the soft-spoken hooks on the telephone from her home in New Jersey, where she lies bundled up in bed trying to get over a cold.

hooks’ own self-recovery is chronicled through her non-fiction works – the controversial Ain’t I A Woman? and Feminist Theory: From Margin to Centre, as well as the most recent and moving autobiographical Talking Back – Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black. This advocate of feminist politics will bend the ear of anyone who will listen and share in creative philosophical exchange, but she’s quick to point out that her primary audience is black women.

“I’ve been amazed by the reaction from so many black women. At first when I started out talking about silencing, I felt, ‘Well, maybe I’m experiencing this because of the particular dysfunctional setting that I came out of, but maybe all these other people weren’t experiencing this.’ What has been most overwhelming to me, and saddening as well, is realizing how many black women are feeling this, and it’s such a counter to the popular idea that black women are just rising up. People have this romanticized vision of us, as if we’re all powerful spokespeople right now,” says hooks, partly because of the popularity of writers such as Angela Davis and Alice Walker.

Polemical book

Talking Black also deals with issues such as homophobia in the black community and the charges of homophobia levelled at hooks after the publication of her first book, Ain’t I a Woman.

“It is a polemical book – I am critical of practically everyone,” she says in an interview in Talking Back. “My editor at that time, a lesbian white woman, felt that I should say more positive things about lesbian women.

“Basically, I was critiquing the whole equation of feminism and lesbianism, and also raising the question of whether or not to some extent lesbian women have more at stake in the feminist movement, in the sense of building culture,,, At that point, I was sick of writing. I mean, this was years of writing, But I said, ‘I realize this is a homophobic culture, and to say critical things about gay people without saying positive things does, in fact, lead you to run the risk of perpetuating homophobia.’ So I took out every single comment in which the word gay or lesbian was used. I didn’t put anyone’s sexual preference before their names.”

hook’s concern with including both positive and negative in critical analysis has extended to her scathing reviews of the two most controversial Spike Lee films, She’s Gotta Have It and Do The Right Thing. While Spike Lee fans do take issue with hooks’ analysis, she is firm about her responsibility to provide constructive criticism to someone who, in her eyes, is an extremely gifted filmmaker.

Passive consumers

“One of the things that we have to talk about as black people is not being passive consumers of culture. I think we have to have a critical reading of how black people have traditionally responded to culture. A lot of our traditional responses have been, in Canada and in the US, that culture is about entertainment. So many black folks, I think, simply turn off our critical apparatus when we come to a film, and we think, ‘If I have my critical apparatus working, I’m not going to enjoy myself.’

“I think that this is a major thing that we have to change. The fact is that on a certain level, I do enjoy She’s Gotta Have It and Do The Right Thing. I just enjoy seeing black images on screen. But I think we’ve really got to talk about what it means to be a black spectator.”

Combating structures of silencing, and structures of repression are ongoing projects for hooks within the classroom and in day-to-day living. She distinguishes between literacy and critical literacy, and the importance of moving past the habit of merely evoking the images and names of black icons like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

“We have to read early Malcolm X and we have to read the later speeches, which I feel most people don’t do. We have to read as much as we can and we have to develop a critical legacy.”

hooks also feels that black political writers must write more about the question of exile, given the experience of dislocated African-Americans – the very people who locate her.

“I’m rejuvenated a lot by being collectively with other black people and people of colour who dream along the same lines. I think often we are crushed in our loneliness and isolation. Sometimes people think because you’re bell hooks or Angela Davis that you don’t have spaces of loneliness, which is not true. Because a lot of times people are coming at you wanting things, which is not necessarily an occasion for renewal – often it’s an occasion for depletion. I’m renewed in solitude. I like to meditate and pray and recentre myself.”

News | Black Feminists Celebrate Powertry Event

Kadish Morris

Kadish Morris performing at Black Feminists Powertry event.

Last week Black Feminists hosted our second Powertry event and our first WOW party. We invited our favourite poets, performers and members to celebrate our work and thank our members.

The sold out event kicked off with poets Selina Nwulu, Kadish Morris and Belinda Zhawi, while Fatuma and Hudda Khaireh from One of My Kind collective.

We also had performances from Anna Lau, Chimene Suleyman, Laila Sumpton and comedy from Shazia Mirza.

We rounded off the night with Shilpa Shah, from women’s community choir group My Heart Sings, who got everyone on their feet to end the night in song.

We want to say thank you to everyone that attended and we are hoping to put on another event soon.

Selina Nwulu
Kadish Morris
Belinda Zhawi
Community announcements
Community announcements break.
Community announcements
Anna Lau
Laila Sumpton
Shilpa Shah, My Heart Sings, gets the audience to sing a long.
Black Feminists team.

‘Boondocks’ Creator Aaron McGruder To Produce ‘Black Jesus’ Show On Adult Swim

'Boondocks' Creator Aaron McGruder To Produce 'Black Jesus' Show On Adult Swim

The Boondocks’ sculptor Aaron McGruder has just signed on to to produce a Black Jesus series that will join his first show on Adult Swim in the not too distant future. As the Freeman family gets ready to take the screen for its fourth season, McGruder along with Boondocks vets Charlie Murphy and John Witherspoon are already shooting and developing the irreverent series to debut at the end of this year. No word yet on when that premiere will actually go down, but you can be sure that you’ll be the first to know when we do. We’ll have more on Black Jesus soon, but be sure to tune into the fourth season of The Boondocks when it hits April 21st.

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Danny! x GQ Interview: On OKP, Label Drama + 2014 Plans

Danny! x GQ Interview: On OKP, Label Drama + 2014 Plans

OKP fam Danny! sits with GQ to discuss the instability in the earlier part of his career, having been. He touches a bit on our involvement in his come-up and resurgence, but mostly speaks to having been dropped entirely by Interscope despite his seventh album Payback being chock-full of A-listers like John Legend, Bruno Mars, ?uestlove and Swizz Beatz gracing the cut. Scroll though to find some of the most compelling industry commentary Danny! provides in the interview and then head over to GQ for the full script and the latest drop from “Hov’s Fav Cat.”

On how Jay-Z caught wind of him:

“About two years ago, somebody emailed me from Questlove’s site,; Questlove was CCed and apparently had something to tell me about a friend who came across my music. The next day, Questlove wrote back and said Jay Z hit him up after finding my music on his site, and then tweeted I was Jay Z’s favorite cat. I’m presuming Jay Z was like, “Who’s this guy on your site?” And Quest said, “I don’t know, let’s find out.” Since then, he spent last year and the year before trying to get the world to know who I was. That was pretty freakin’ cool, man.”

On the importance of identifying your sound and sticking to it:

“Do what you think is best. Even though I told the label that’s not what I wanted to do, I was dropped anyway. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Even if I had another record with Bruno Mars, people might think it’s phony. Maybe that’s why the first one didn’t work. The takeaway is going with something you know works.”

What 2014 holds for him:

“My last album, Payback, came out at the end of 2012, and I spent about half of last year promoting it. But before that, I had to revamp it for Okayplayer to put out. During that process, I fell back in love with creating music. This year, I’ve been sending songs to lots of different artists for placement—I sent 40 tracks to the Roots—so that by the time my next album comes out, people will be able to say, “Not only is Danny a rapper, but he’s a damn good producer.”

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J. Period x Jay Electronica – “In The System” + ‘March 9th Revisited’ Mixtape

J. Period Teams With Jay Electronica On New Track "In The System" From The  #MARCH9REVISITED Biggie Tribute Mix

J. Period drafts Jay Electronica to rock the mic on the exclusive new track “In The System” from his #MARCH9REVISITED mixtape, which dropped just ahead of the 17th anniversary of the The Notorious B.I.G.‘s death on March 9th. The track samples a famous phrase from “The World Is Filled…” on the Life After Death LP – Biggie’s second and final studio album. The mixtape from J. Period and the 1200 Squad also features appearances from Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, Diddy, Jay Z and Snoop Dogg. Check the track below to listen to “In The System” from J. Period and Jay Elec. Scroll down to stream the #MARCH9REVISITED Mixtape. Stay tuned for more from J. Period.

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Pass The Popcorn: Watch An Extended Preview Of Stones Throw’s ‘Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton’

Watch An Extended Preview Of Stones Throw's 'Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton'

Stones Throw‘s documentary piece Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton is weeks away from its official release and promises to be the comprehensive guide to the label’s unbridled success that we all hoped for. In a newly dropped extended preview of the doc, we get a peek into what seems to be the basement/vault of label founder Peanut Butter Wolf and see the man mix it up with his cronies, many of which he helped facilitate the careers of. A doc that’s chock-full-of interviews with ST cohorts and hip-hop luminaries alike, shows off its star-studded guest-list with appearances from Kanye West, Talib Kweli, ?uestlove, and Common–keep your eyes peeled for Madlib and Dam-Funk rocking as well– cementing the greatness of the organic hip-hop movement that PBW spawned. You can catch the extended preview of Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton below, but be sure to hit your nearest cinematheque when the premiere rolls through in the coming weeks.

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Big Boi x A$AP Rocky x Phantogram x A-Ha- “Lanes”

Big Boi x A$AP Rocky x Phantogram x A-Ha- "Lanes"

Big Boi continues his future funk mash-up series with his latest installment “Lanes” featuring A$AP Rocky, Phantogram and a glitch happy flip on A-Ha’s ever familiar new-wave ballad “Take On Me.” A$AP opens up the track with some choice words opening the floor for BB to bum-rush the track with his lightening quick delivery. The whole track gets some icing with Phantogram’s gentle melancholic croon, adding yet another impressive mash-up to the stellar release cycle. Its a tried and true rehash worth of any dance-floor today or 30 years back. Go rev up you nostalgia with the super-clean visual treatment for this ’14 meets 82′ mash below.

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Daft Punk x Jay Z & Kanye West – “Computerized”

Daft Punk Teams With Jay Z & Kanye West On New Track "Computerized"

Daft Punk teams with Jay Z and Kanye West for the new track “Computerized” – reportedly a leftover from the Random Access Memories LP – co-produced by Yeezy. The track combines the talents of three of the biggest hitters in 2013 over production that is a bit more wavy than the flat-out dance jams that fans have come to expect from Daft Punk – likely a byproduct of Kanye’s involvement. No word yet on whether this track is set to surface as an official single or return on a new project. Check the track below to listen to “Computerized” from Daft Punk featuring Jay Z and Kanye West. Purchase the Random Access Memories LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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Cam’ron x A-Trak Drop ‘Two The Hard Way’ Trailer & Prep ‘Federal Reserve’ EP

A-Trak & Cam'ron Drop 'Two The Hard Way' Trailer & Cover Complex Magazine

Cam’ron and A-Trak follow their recent single “Humphrey” with the trailer for their film Two The Hard Way. The trailer’s arrival coincides with the April/May issue of Complex Magazine, which features the pair posing on the cover with some interesting weaponry. Cam and A-Trak initially resemble the Men In Black in the explosive footage from Complex. It becomes clear, however, that they are more Pulp Fiction than well-dressed alien bounty hunters. The Canadian Outlaw and the Breakfast Cereal Killer are primed to pull off the heist of the century in the film featuring Dame Dash, Jhené Aiko and Barbra Streisand as herself. The trailer is the latest from the pair as they prepare to drop their forthcoming Federal Reserve EP sometime in 2014. Check the footage below to watch the trailer for Two The Hard Way. Get more on the film and read their cover story via Complex. Stay tuned for more.

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Mixtape Mondays: Special SXSW Edition f. Erykah Badu, Sango, Bunji Garlin + Much More!

Okayplayer SXSW 2014

Mixtapes, not to be too dramatic about it, are the soundtracks of our lives. On March 9th we light dutches and play Biggie tribute mixes. On Dilla day, it’s only the Slum Village shit. You get the idea. So with all the commotion going down in the Lone Star state this week–you know, that massive conglomeration of industry music and tech showcases called SXSW– it seemed only right to dedicate our Mixtape Monday this particular monday to the biggest thing happening in the realm of music this week. Accordingly, we decided to create a little virtual Austin right here on OKP by featuring all of the illest tapes from the artists and DJs crowding the star-studded bills of our own 4-part event series showcase. It’s the ultimate SXSW singalong, whether you’re Texas-bound or just listening in. So buckle up, the road to Austin is a rocky one, but luckily the bus has a/c and a tuner stuck to Okayplayer radio. Without further ado, click through for mixtapes from

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Pass The Popcorn: Danny Bramson Speaks On How Andre 3000 Became Jimi + The OST

Pass The Popcorn: Danny Bramson Talks 'Jimi: All By My Side' OST

It seems like we’ve been waiting ages for the legendary Jimi Hendrix biopic to come to fruition. And now that its’ imminent release is upon us–premiering this week at SXSW– the film’s musical director and producer Danny Bramson (of Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky and Jerry MaGuire) has stepped out from behind his veil to reconcile our expectations for All Is By My Side with the immense accomplishment of having a coherent film based on the life of a legend without any of that artist’s original music in the film. One could imagine that having a right-handed Andre 3000 starring as the most notorious left-handed guitarist the world over might be a bit of a problem to men of a lesser constitution. However, Bramson spoke to how he designed a routine with a (very) patient teacher to develop 3K’s left hand to the point where he could really sell the role and never really questioned the musician-turned-actor’s ability, claiming that “he was the only choice.”

He touched a bit on how the soundtrack came together, claiming to opt for the “songs less travelled”, including some bluesy Dylan and Buddy Guy B-sides. For those familiar with the Jimi narrative, the acquisition of The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” was of utmost importance, as it was his electric cover of that title-track at The Saville Theatre in London that garnered Paul McCartney and John Lennon‘s attention three days after their own album dropped. That performance got the Jimi Hendrix Experience their breakout gig at the Monterey Pop Festival, from which point there simply was no stopping the power trio until Noel Redding left the group in early 69′. For all these stories and more, you can head over to Billboard for the full scoop and a new clip from the film.

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Jack Freeman “50 First Dates”

Jack Freeman

Worry not, this has nothing to do with a horrible Adam Sandler movie (apologies if the title brings back bad memories). No, instead this has everything to do with another great track from Texas, soul crooner, Jack Freeman (Chris Rockaway on the production). Freeman teased us a few months back with the mention of his sophomore release, but it now sounds like Spotless Mind has that momentum going again and will be coming to us soon – stay tuned.

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Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge & Janelle Monáe Talk Soul + Sing At The White House

FLOTUS Michelle Obama Hosts Women Of Soul Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge & Janelle Monae At White House Workshop

Patti LaBelle, Melissa Etheridge and Janelle Monáe fielded questions about soul music and sang a few classics at the I’m Every Woman: The History Of Women In Soul student workshop ahead of First Lady Michelle Obama‘s Women Of Soul: In Performance At The White House concert last week. FLOTUS kickstarted things with a great intro before turning things over to her guests, who addressed everything from the history of soul to identity politics, image and the importance of women in the music industry – both onstage and behind the scenes.

Melissa Etheridge got the ball rolling on the performance side, first citing a few foremothers of American soul music – Ethel Waters, Billie Holiday, Etta James and Lena Horne amongst others – before sitting down at the piano to play “Stormy Weather.” Janelle Monáe performed a slowed-down rendition of “Victory” from The Electric Lady LP. Patti LaBelle followed with an a capella performance of “The Lord’s Prayer”, which prompted a few surprises from the audience. Check the footage below to watch the full panel discussion and performance. Get more on Women Of Soul: In Performance At The White House via Stay tuned for more.

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Leather Corduroys (Kami de Chukwu x Joey Purp) “Dat Strong”

Leather Corduroys

One of the projects I’m looking forward to most in 2014 would be from SaveMoney spin off group, Leather Corduroys. The duo of Kami de Chukwu and Joey Purp seem to hit with every track they put out (“Still Alive” is definitely my shit), and the hot streak continues with Kami and Purp’s latest, the iLLeeT produced, “Dat Strong.” Their brand of ‘Transcendental Cult Music’ hits hard as ufck this time around and adds that much more anticipation for their upcoming debut (no said date, just yet).

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Surprise! Prince Performed A 4-Hour Show In LA [Setlist]

Prince Performed A Surprise 4-Hour Show In LA Saturday [Setlist]

After swallowing The Arsenio Hall Show whole, Prince kept to his chops and stuck around LA to perform two consecutive surprise sets at the Hollywood Palladium this past weekend. While the first of the two was the only real surprise, it was a short seven song set supporting NPG kin Liv Warfield, ending with the promise of something bigger the next evening. Bigger indeed, as Prince took to the stage this past Saturday to plow through virtually his entire catalog for a half-full Hollywood Palladium, touching on almost every album–favorites, unheards and countless covers– and every career he ever jumped off, including cuts from Vanity 6, The Time, The Family, Sheila E and even the latest purple reincarnation 3rdEyeGirl, closing the final–of 5(!)– encores with their latest single “FUNKNROLL.”

Needless to say, I would have done some pretty terrible things to witness his Purple Glory for 4 hours on the Golden Coast, and if you actually had the opportunity to experience that grand spectacle, my envy of you could not be overstated. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten any actual media from the event, but we do have the powerhouse setlist from the show below. So you can read through and imagine what it would have been like to see Prince cover Aretha‘s “I Never Loved A Man.” Let your imaginations run wild folks, we’ll have more on the Purple One soon.

Main Set
Big City (Unreleased)
Superconductor (from Andy Allo’s album Superconductor, 2012)
1999 (from the album 1999, 1982)
Musicology (from the album Musicology, 2004)
Extralovable (single, 2011)
Let’s Work (from Controversy, 1981)
Love Machine (from Graffiti Bridge, 1990)
U Got the Look (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
Nothing Compares 2 You (The Family’s The Family, 1985 / The Hits 1, 1993)
Take Me With U (from Purple Rain, 1984)
Raspberry Beret (from Around the World in a Day, 1985)
Cool (from The Time’s The Time, 1981)
The Sweeter She Is (unreleased)
Purple Rain (from Purple Rain, 1984)

Encore 1
Mutiny (from The Family’s The Family, 1985)
Old Friends 4 Sale (from The Vault…Old Friends 4 Sale, 1999)
People Pleaser (single, 2012)
Ain’t Gonna Miss You When U’re Gone (released on, 2013)
F.U.N.K. (single, 2007)
Dark (from Come, 1994)
Something in the Water (Does Not Compute) (from the album 1999, 1982)

Encore 2
We’re a Winner (Impressions cover)
I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) (Aretha Franklin cover)
Satisfied (from 3121, 2006)
I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open the Door, I’ll Get It Myself) (James Brown cover)
Housequake (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
The Jam (Graham Central Station cover)
The Bird (from The Time’s Ice Cream Castle, 1984)
Jungle Love (from The Time’s Ice Cream Castle, 1984)
The Glamorous Life (from Sheila E’s The Glamorous Life, 1984)

Encore 3
Lost & Found (from Lianne La Havas’ Lost & Found, 2011)
Hot Thing (shortened version) (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
If I Was Your Girlfriend (shortened version) (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
Forever In My Life (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
When Doves Cry (shortened version) (from Purple Rain, 1984)
Nasty City (from Vanity 6′s Vanity 6, 1982) / 777-9311 (from The Time’s What Time Is It?, 1982)
Sign O’ the Times (shortened version) (from Sign O’ the Times, 1987)
I Would Die 4 You (shortened version) (from Purple Rain, 1984)
Pop Life (shortened version) (from Around the World in a Day, 1985)
Alphabet St. (shortened version) (from Lovesexy, 1988)
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (sample) (single, 1984 / from The Gold Experience, 1995)
A Love Bizarre (from Sheila E.’s Romance 1600, 1985)
Days of Wild (from Crystal Ball, 1998)

Encore 4
How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore (b-side of single 1999, 1982)
The Beautiful Ones (from Purple Rain, 1984)
Diamonds and Pearls (from Diamonds and Pearls, 1991)
Sometimes It Snows in April (from Parade, 1986)
Act of God (from 20TEN, 2010)
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Janet Jackson cover)
Northside (NPG Music Club download, 2001)
(Theme Song From) Which Way is Up? (Stargard cover)
Partyman (from Batman, 1989)

Encore 5
Let’s Go Crazy (from Purple Rain, 1984)
Funknroll (unreleased)

spotted at COS

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GoldLink “The God Complex (When I Die)” [Official Video]


Here goes another banger from last week that’s way too tough to let slip through the cracks. A few weeks back, we got our introduction to DMV emcee, GoldLink, via a feature look with Danish producers Galimatias & Joppe. This time around, GoldLink shows out for dolo with his new video “The God Complex (When I Die).” The rarely seen or heard emcee does not appear in the actual video, as he ponders on what life around him will be like after he passes. Video directed by Nathan R. Smith. More heat soon come, GoldLink’s The God Complex EP is set to drop on April 1st.

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Cozz “Dreams” [Official Video]


Blogging live from Austin, Texas for SXSW these days, so you’ll have to excuse my lateness on this one. Last week, a new spitter out of Inglewood, California, Cozz, flew onto my radar with his new visual for “Dreams.” I know little about dude, aside from his age (20) and that he clearly teems with talent. Listen to young Cozz drop bars on turning the nightmare he comes from into future dreams of being rich. Meez on the beat, video directed by John Merizalde.

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Oddisee – “Back Of My Mind” [Official Video]

Oddisee Returns With The Official Video For "Back Of My Mind" Directed By Jeremy Ian Thomas

Oddisee returns with the official video for “Back Of My Mind” – a standout from his Tangible Dream project featuring Paolo Escobar – directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas. The footage features the PG producer reflecting on life and music as he details the ups and downs of the grind with a spot-on lyrical display that is only polished to a more brilliant shine with a few well-placed soul samples and simple cinematic tricks. The clip features Oddisee venturing into the unknown as he rides and rhymes through the darkness of night, illuminated by little more than flashing lights and neon signs. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Back Of My Mind” From Oddisee. Grab the Tangible Dream project via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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