Joy Dennis: Story Behind the Music
By: James Neal

Joy Dennis is a truly brilliant young artist who is defying all rules and limitations of music genres. Her multitalented vocals have given her free range to incorporate any blend of music she so chooses, and this young lady takes advantage of every bit of it!

Joy Dennis’s most recent album entitled Music Is was released in May of 2010 through Urb Garden Music. With Music Is, she wanted to tap into a greater audience than just R&B and Jazz, so she intentionally infused multiple genres (Hip-Hop, Blues, Soul, and Funk) with her versatile voice and unique style. Every song on the album is a story and an experience directly from Joy’s life. She paints a truly brilliant picture with each word drawing listeners from every scope of the imagination into her music and soul. Some artists put out albums where the majority of the songs sound just like the last track, but Joy is far from being that artist. Each song has a brand new combination of infused genres and an original storyline of lyrics accompanied with it. Anyone would be hard pressed to find even the slightest unenthusiastic review of this album. The songs “He Awaits” and “Music Is” have been gathering commentary all across the net. The up-tempo song “Juk Joint” is also sure to gain popularity and be a crowd pleaser. Her live performances are stocked full of energy and audience participation, and only confirm how much she lives and breaths music.

“You can expect a soulful, alive feeling in my music, whether the songs are originals or covers. I’m able to relate to them and in turn, express them to my audience in a way that is absolutely captivating” – Joy Dennis

Joy’s passion for music is not limited to simply releasing albums and collaborating with artists, but she is also passionate about assisting other artists in being heard and recognized. Off the stage and out of the studio, Joy has helped launch Urb Garden Music (a publishing / licensing, digital & physical distribution, and radio promotion group). Urb Garden Music has partnered up with thousands barber shops and hair salons across the nation to promote, distribute, and literally flood communities with independent artists. With Joy as one of their front runners, the group is pushing for a national (and maybe soon, global) awareness of independent talent and music.

Joy currently has multiple projects going on at once. While working with and sharing the stage with multiple emerging and established artists, she is preparing for her upcoming promotional tour for Music Is. She is being featured in a soon to be released Hip-Hop album by a local artist (name withheld). Additionally, as further proof of Joy’s musical diversity, there is a producer from Sweden that she is collaborating with on a house track. Joy Dennis is without a doubt a rising star, and is certain to entertain and inspire many audiences to come.

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