Joy Dennis Music Is Album Cover

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Joy Dennis has, probably, recorded one of the songs of 2010 on this set. In fact, she must be so sure of this song, she has it lined up to be the forthcoming single from the album. The song ‘He Awaits’ is Soul perfection on so many levels. It would suit any R&B chart, on any listing, sit alongside any Beyonce song, Alicia Keys song, alongside the new Jonathan Butler set, and it would sit on any Moderen Soul fans shelf….without hesitation! The strength of the track reminded me very much of the Sunshine Anderson single from a few years ago. ‘Heard It All Before’ has a similar vibe, although ‘He Awaits’ has a Tom Browne side to proceedings. Some great trumpet on this song, which really gives the song ‘muscle’. Watch this track make waves, that’s all I can say. R&B is an often utilised way of describing many aspects of todays music. Folks like Mayer Hawthorne (who I do like by the way) are dropped into the R&B shelf, sitting alongside albums like Joy’s. ‘He Awaits’ represents the Brothers and Sisters flexing their musical muscles. When you hear the song, you’ll know what I mean. The album, by the way, ain’t half bad either. The title track is a lovely piece of Soul Music. Joy delivers with immense and yet supressed power, well within her dynamic vocal boundaries. Hugely refreshing. Almost all of the songs on offer are ‘preluded’, so Joy’s curriculum vitae definitely does demand an introduction! As with the Catina Rosemond album, these are quickly becoming the left field, surprise sets of the summer of 2010. All told, I can’t think of a better album to ‘rattle those bass bins’ to their optimum this year. Soul music of a very high standard. Highly recommended (especially for the single). ‘He Awaits’…and so do you now!

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