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How to Submit your Music

Independent artists supporting one another is key to their success. That’s why we at Urb Garden Music would like to help promote your music by spinning your song (s) socially and during Joy Dennis & Urb Garden Music Events, Live Streams, Concerts, Shows and Listening Parties hosted around the globe.  

Step 1: Log in

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Step 2: Download the single

To submit your music, we ask that you first simply download Joy Dennis’ latest single, “The Listening Party” (feat. platinum selling artist J. Dash) for just $.99.  

*If you download 4 copies of the single, you may submit 4 songs to be added! 

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Step 3: Submit Music

Once we’ve received your download confirmation, you will receive an email requesting your submission(s). Please be sure to follow the instructions in the confirmation email to ensure your music gets added to our playlist! Don’t forget to tell us who you are and the name of your submission.

That’s it!

*Please note that music submissions containing profanity, sexually explicit, degrading or vulgar content will NOT be accepted. 


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