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Customer Reviews

Don by The Ear that is near

I have never seen her perform in person, but after hearing this album I will certainly be planning a trip to Jacksonville Florida to see her on stage. This album is “a breath of fresh air”. Smooth, sharp, simple, and complicated all in one. A great album is an understatement….. I’m waiting for the next single, album, feature or whatever… 3 Thumbs up

Awesome album!!! by Diamondsoul24

This album is addictive!

Why did I have to stumble across this?? by CTII

This album is so good, I should’ve been seeing this artist accepting multiple awards at the Grammys! Instead, I accidentally stumble across her album because of her single is at the end of a list of “Listeners Also Bought”!?! Now, I do have to have to admit, I could’ve done without the explicit lyrics (especially the use of the “N” word). But, then I also have to admit that those explicit songs were great too! I haven’t heard an album in the mainstream this good in more than a decade!! What has happened to music that I have to find music this good by accident?? I didn’t mind some mindless Pop songs when I was growing up, but, can’t the radio play some real R&B like this every now and then. That’s not too much to ask is it?

On to the album itself. The 1st song “Music Is” was good, but, didn’t quite capture me. It felt a little formulaic to me. Not a bad song, just not the greatest. But, this all changed the minute I hit the second song. One of the 1st singles Joy released from this album is “He Awaits”. That was definitely the right single to release. It’s just infectious! I had to stop listening to the preview long enough to download it! The next song “Good Lovin'” kept the great songs coming!! I could definitely do without all the preludes on the album. I wish they would’ve been included as extras instead of breaking up the excellent songs. “Endless Love” and “Dear John” are also my favorites on this album. But, really, only “Juk Joint” was a song I could call “OK”! The album is that good! I don’t like explicit lyrics in music, but, “Electric Chair” was so good I’ll have to admit I couldn’t help jammin’ to it!

Albums such as these don’t come along every day. I hope Joy releases more music in the future. She has a very bright future ahead of her. Let’s hope the radio stations realize it sooner than later as well!





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